Hangama Amiri holds an MFA from Yale University where she graduated in 2020 from the Painting and Printmaking Department. She received her BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is a Canadian Fulbright and Post-Graduate Fellow at Yale University School of Art and Sciences (2015-2016). Her recent exhibitions include Quiet Resistance (2023) at Moenchehaus Museum Goslar, Germany; Rumi (2023) at Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, ON; A Homage to Home (2023) at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT; Sharjah Biennial 15: Thinking Historically in the Present (2023), Sharjah, UAE; Reminiscences (2022) at Union Pacific in London; Henna Night/ Shabe Kheena (2022) at David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO; Mirrors and Faces (2021) at Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto; Wandering Amidst the Colors (2021) at Albertz Benda, New York, NY; Spectators of a New Dawn (2021), Towards Gallery, Toronto; and Bazaar: A Recollection of Home (2020) at T293 Gallery, Rome, Italy. Amiri works predominantly in textiles to examine notions of home, as well as how gender, social norms, and larger geopolitical conflict impact the daily lives of women, both in Afghanistan and in the diaspora. Continuing to use textiles as the medium, Amiri searches to define, explore, and question these spaces. The figurative tendency in her work is due to her interest in the power of representation, especially of those objects that are ordinary to our everyday life, such as a passport, a vase, or celebrity postcards.
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Curriculum Vitae


2020 M.F.A Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT

2012 B.F.A Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Halifax, NS

Research Experience

2015 Post-Graduate Fellow(PGF), Yale University School of Art & Sciences, New Haven, CT

Solo Exhibitions

2024 Circle of Friends, Cooper Cole, Toronto, ON

2024 Reminiscences II, T293 Gallery, Rome, Italy

2023 Quiet Resistance, Moenchehaus Museum, Goslar, Germany

2023 Rumi: Distance Between Homes, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, ON

2023 A Homage to Home, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT

2022 Reminiscences, Union Pacific, London, UK

2022 Shabe Kheena/Henna Night, David B Smith Gallery, Denver, CO

2021 Mirrors and Faces, Cooper Cole, Toronto, ON

2021 Wandering Amidst the Colors, Alberts Benda, NY, NY

2021 Spectators of a New Dawn, Towards Gallery, Toronto, ON

2020 Bazaar, A Recollection of Home, T293 Gallery, Rome, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2024 The Allegory of Public Happiness, Mart Musuem, Trento, Italy

2024 Not Too Late, Charles Moffett Gallery, New York, NY

2024 Of Intimacy and Quietude, Sidmotion Gallery, London, UK

2024 Can the Afghan Speak, Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, Norway

2023 Let the Bād Speak, Fondazione 107, Torino, Italy

2023 Botany of Desire, Swivel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2023 Memory is the Seamstress, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2023 STAGES, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB

2023 Silent Hands, Hayy Jameel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2023 Piecework, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON

2023 Sharjah Biennial 15th: Thinking Historically in the Present, Sharjah, UAE

2023 Narrative Threads: Fiber Art Today, The Moody Centre for the Arts, Houston, TX

2022 Pop South Asia: Artistic Explorations in the Popular, Sharjah Art Foundation, Al Shuwaiheen Arts Area, Sharjah

2022 Qatra Qatra, Fondazione Imago Mundi, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, IT

2022 Progetto Genesi. Arte e Diritti Umani, Villa Panza, Varese, IT

2021 Everything Has Its Place, Seville Dolmaci Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 Alphabetic Image, Arsenal Contemporary, New York, NY

2020 Yale Painting and Printmaking MFA 2020, Perrotin Gallery, NY,

2020 Oh To Be A Painting, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Boston, MA

2019 Hold On, Hold Me, Charles Moffett Gallery, New York, NY

2019 New Suns Chapter 2, Paramo Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico

2019 Cybernetic Alchemy, Foreign (Material) Affairs, New Inc. New Museum, NY, NY

2018 Crying-Laughing, Friends & Neighbors Gallery, Montreal, QC

2016 Women Voices Now, Rolling Hill States, California

2016 Video Art Festival of Casablanca, Morocco

2016 The Art of the Burqa: Film, performance, Art & Dialogue, Pen + Brush Gallery, New York, NY

2016 RBC Canadian Painting Competition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2016 The 28th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Milan Gallery, Marseille, France

2016 Distant Attachments: Unsettling Contemporary Afghan Diasporic Art, City Lore Gallery, New York, NY

2015 The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, ON


2023 Kaiserring Stipendium, Moenchehaus Museum Goslar

2023 Canada Council for the Arts (Concept to Realization Grant)

2020 Yale School of Art Critical Practice Research Grant

2018 Arts Nova Scotia (Professional Development Grant)

2017 Toronto Arts Council (Individual Grant)

2017 Arts Equity Funding (Special Travel Grant)

2017 Arts Equity Funding & Canada Council for the Arts (Creation Grant)

2015 RBC Canadian Painting Competition (Honorable mention) Canada Fulbright Traditional Student Award

2014 Arts Equity Funding & Canada Council for the Arts (Creation Grant)

2013 Arts Nova Scotia (Presentation Grant)

2013 Portia White Prize Protege

2013 Creative Nova Scotia Grant

2012 Arts Nova Scotia Funding, Grants to Individuals

2012 Alexander J. McDonald Memorial Award

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2023 STAGE Speaker Series, PlugIn ICA, Winnipeg

2022 Artist Talk, "Place, Memory, and Gender in the Middle East" at Denver Museum of Art, Denver, CO, June 9.

2021 Art Lecture at Arkansas University, Fayetteville, AR, Nov 17.

2021 Art Lecture at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, Nov 16.

2021 Art Lecture at Willamette University, Salem, OR, Oct 20.

2019 Embroidery Workshop at IRIS- Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, New Haven, CT, Nov 15 - Dec 30.


2019 The Long Road Projects, Jacksonville, Florida

2018 World of CO. Residency Program, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017 JOYA: AiR, Arte + Ecologia Residency, Andalusia, Spain

2017 The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Banff, Alberta

2027 Lunenburg School of Art, Lunenburg, NS

2013 White Rabbit Arts. Economy, NS

2013 NSCAD-Lunenburg Community Residency Program. Lunenburg, NS

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Naila Art Collection

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Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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