The Wind-Up Dolls of Kabul | 2011

The Wind-Up Dolls of Kabul is a painting series about six Afghan women whom the artist met on a visit back to her homeland Kabul, Afghanistan in the year of 2010 after 14-year absence. The project is conceptual narratives on the subject of Afghan feminism. Each canvas portrays the innermost thoughts, social dimensions, and psychological insights of an Afghan woman in contemporary Afghan society.

Hope. 2011. Oil & earth on Canvas, 54'' x 84''

Raining Stones. 2011.Acrylic & oil on canvas, 48''x38'', Sold

Girl under the Taliban. 2011. Acryl ic & oil on canvas, 36'' x 36''

Nargess & Farhad. 2011. Acrylic & o il on canvas, 48'' x 42''

Ink, acrylic, oil, silk-screen & ea rth on canvas, 36'' x 48''. Sold

The Next President. 2011. Acrylic, oil, & earth on canvas, 36'' x 36''

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