Cliff of the Bay | Painting Series | Nova Scotia | 2012-2015

Cliff of the Bay, is a painting series that was inspired by the artist's exploration of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island over a period of three years. Her acrylic, oil and silkscreen paintings play with flatness and depth and builds a space of reflection. She says: "The painting examine psychic and nostalgic spaces. Caught in a moment of complete serenity and unity with my surroundings."

Out at Sea, 2015. Ink & oil on wood panel, 48'' x 48''. SOLD

Island of Dreams, 2015. Ink,acrylic screen-p on panel, 36''x36''. SOLD

An Autumn Day. Ink, acrylic, & screen-p on pane, 36'' x 36''. SOLD

Afternoon Sun. Ink, acrylic, scree n-p & oil on panel, 60''x60''. SOLD

Cliff of the Bay. Ink, acrylic,scre en-p & oil on panel, 60''x60''.SOLD

Hiking Days. Ink, acrylic,screen-p, & oil on panel, 48''x42''. SOLD

Midnight in Halifax. Ink,acrylic,sc een & oil on panel, 36''x36''. SOLD

Before Sunset. 2015. Ink, acrylic & oil on panel, 48'' x 42''. SOLD

Exotic Island, 2015, ink, acrylic, & oil on panel,48''x48'' SOLD

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